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Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation is an arrangement of musical Gongs, singing bowls, drums, wind chimes and other instruments. The sounds of the instruments create different frequencies of sound which slow down the brain waves, calm the nervous system and creates the relaxation response in the body and mind. It is helpful to relax the body, release stress/ anxiety, release negative emotions and creates a healing response in the body-mind.

This session will be 45-minutes where you can sit or lie down and listen to the relaxing sounds of different instruments. You are not required to do anything but just listen and give yourself the time and space you need. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, a light blanket and/or cushion. Yoga mats will be provided if you wish to lie down or you can sit on one of our comfortable chairs.

The Benefits consist of calming of the nervous system | Promoting relaxation | Releases stress anxiety | Releases negative emotions | Better sleep | Helps to become present Clears the mind of Distractions

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