Sue Young cancer Support is a local charity celebrating 40 years in 2021, serving the need of cancer patients, their families and carers all over Leicestershire and Rutland. We need regular donations and fundraising to continue with our amazing work.

Corporate Fundraising/Charity of Year

Are you the owner or manager of a local business who is passionate about meeting your corporate social responsibilities? Then we would be delighted to invite you to work with us, in order to demonstrate your commitment to work to the same. The work we do supports people who employ or in the area where you do business. Supporting us is a great way to put something meaningful and worthwhile back into the local community where it is needed most. We are happy to offer any support you need, be that publicity, marketing, guidance or planning your fundraising event(s).

Community and Individual Fundraising

Are you individual or part of a community group who is skilled at fundraising and intent on generating ideas at raising money for Sue Young Cancer Support? If so, we want to hear from you.

It has been widely reported that cancer is a major cause of early death in Leicester, Sue Young Cancer Support is committed to supporting those affected, whether they are the patients themselves or their families and carers. That makes us unique and we are proud of this distinction. Many worthwhile cancer charities care for the patient but our services go beyond that and we offer immeasurable support for those people who stand by, helplessly but equally affected.

Monies received through fundraising is extremely important to us. A karaoke, sponsored walk or cake sale or simply a donation; whatever you can do, please support us, so we can continue with the work we do.

To say “thank you” and recognise the value of your support, we have annual corporate, community and individual awards. These are given out at our yearly volunteer thank you event, following a shortlist of all our corporate, community and individual supporters, which will no doubt take pride of place in any business reception, community space or home.


Below are different donation platforms which can be used when fundraising for the charity: